A Girlie Guide To The Los Angeles Dream

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A guide to traditional American activities to fit into any girlie holiday.

Some pretty, all-American bits you may want to slot into your girlie holiday agenda.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you of a single girl that hasn’t considered what it would be like to live as an all- American girl. Hot bodies, golden beaches, mesmerizing views. The world of the Hollywood sweetheart is well sought after. Lucky for the British belles hiding beneath their broken brollies and other ladies alike; the sun drenched fairytale can be at your fingertips.

Upon arrival why not…

Book yourself into the luscious Hollywood Hills hotel, Hollywood. It’s located just quarter of a mile above the city, sitting lustfully among the hills. It provides some of the best views around, allowing guests access to the exclusive Victorian mansion based club, `The Magic Castle`- which is known for its celebrity clientele.


Now you’re booked in, how about a pick of the best bars?

The Beauty Bar, located in Hollywood’s Cahuenga Corridor is decorated with original mid-sixties interior; so you can enjoy a classy Cosmo with the feel of being in the midst of a beauty salon.


The Standard located in down town Los Angeles boasts a sophisticated roof-top bar; paired with a poolside lounge seducing you with its Los Angeles skyline – the perfect back-drop to enjoy the signature Mojito’s on offer.


t’s a warm, clear evening and you want some unforgettable views

Based directly under the Hollywood sign lies this little beauty – the `Sunset Hollywood Ranch.` A breathtaking opportunity to ride horseback and explore the sights of the Californian gem, either in the heavenly lit evenings or during a lazy afternoon.


If you want to travel out a little…

It’s worth a visit to the `Moonlight Rollarway` Roller skating rink located in Glendale, California. Working it’s magic since the 1950′s, this little lovely offers anything from a flirty skate (think a la Jessica Simpson) to skating lessons or artistic skating. Superb for a giggly afternoon with your girl friends or a romantic evening with your beau.


Pinkberry frozen yoghurt is the perfect accompaniment if you are still zoning your flirty `50s mood. Located in Hollywood, LA; Pinkberry offers light alternatives to your mediocre ice cream. The interior of the Pinkberry hubs look equally as delicious, not to mention Ms. Megan Fox has been spotted there.

If you are still feeling star struck…

Take a stroll via the expensive aura of the bunny girls of the Playboy mansion, Hollywood. If it’s left you wanting more, hook up with `Starline Tours`, a company that offers you the chance to board the original `Movie stars` homes tour`. If you can endure the envy, take time to soak up the glitter and glam of Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive.


The ultimate American dream – Cheer leading. If you visit the States at the right time of year (around Summer) you can catch a glimpse of the various Cheer leading shows and competitions dotted around Los Angeles and the surrounding area. The shows make for an inspirational experience; leaving you with a true taste of American traditions and talent.


As an alternative, you can support the Los Angeles NFL team (National Football League) accompanied by their own amazing Cheer squad.


Every girl knows that Hollywood hosts amazing shopping…

Los Angeles offers a dreamy concoction of both fancy boutiques and mammoth sized shopping malls. Melrose, Third Avenue, Beverly Boulevard, La Brea Boulevard and Robertson Boulevard offer designer goods for a traditional Los Angeles shopping experience.

Bargain savvies should head down to downtown Los Angeles fashion district for their fix, along with the Beverley shopping center and The Grove; a village style outdoor centre perfect for soaking up the sunshine.

Frosty, iced paradise…

To top it all off, say hello to the Los Angeles cupcake craze. With an amazing selection of stores fluttering around the Sunshine State, you may have to opt for one of each!


What Is A Package Holiday?

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It may seem like a strange question – “what is a package holiday?” – but it’s one that is searched for by search engine users with surprising regularity. The term ‘package holiday’ has become such common usage in modern society that few people ever explain what they mean when they use it, but for those who don’t know, here’s a quick guide.

The term ‘package holiday’ is used to describe the kind of holiday that takes care of everything itself. You book the entire holidays: flights (or whatever mode of transport you will be using to reach your destination) and hotel package holidays are the most common. These usually include transport to and from the airport; so essentially, it’s the simplest way to go on holiday, and is booked ‘all in one’ rather than paying for the flights, hotel and transfers separately.

Package holidays, however, can mean more than just flights and hotels. They can also include sightseeing or theater trips in the overall price, usually at a discounted rate. Sometimes package holidays can include transport to and from the airport in your home country, so everything really is taken care of.

The beauty of package holidays is the simplicity of them. You simply choose your destination, and the travel agent – be it online or in store – will put together the rest for you. You don’t need to worry about getting to the hotel from a foreign airport, and everything is included in one lump-sum price for ease of budgeting. It’s no wonder, given the convenient one-stop-shop method of holidaying they offer, that package holidays are so popular.

The Ever-Increasing Popularity of Air Travel

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Ever since the determinedly brave Wright Brothers made the first unassisted flight aboard their plane Kitty Hawk, man has been taking to the sky (and beyond) so as to explore the world. Air travel is fastly becoming the biggest of all the transportation industries, allowing people to shrink the world and go from one hemisphere to another in a matter of hours.

Air travel

One of the most convenient ways to move from place to place. First and foremost, there is the speed: most airplanes have a cruising speed of 500 miles per hour or more, so you’re going to reach your destination in the fastest time possible. And while flight phobias exist, there’s no doubt that for most travelers, being able to sit back and let the pilot do all the work while you sip from the drinks cart is one of the more enjoyable parts of air travel!

There is an oft-quoted statistic that flying by airplane is the safest way to travel – and for once, the statistics are right. Airplane crashes are rare, and despite perceptions, an air crash does not immediately mean total loss of life. In fact, you are more likely to survive an airplane crash than to perish, again according to statistics.

It’s rapidly becoming clear where air travel is so popular. It’s fast, it’s efficient and it’s surprisingly safe – as well as taking some of the strain out of traveling, as you relax in the cabin and watch the wall go by beneath.

The Downside of Travel Guides

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It’s safe to say that the vast majority of us book a holiday to a place where we ‘like the sound of’. Destinations tend to be spread by word of mouth, when other people enjoy their vacation and tell their friends – or the entire internet. Yet oddly, when we’ve booked this people-recommended holiday, many of us then go and by a travel guide from a book retailer.

This might not seem that odd, but in reality it is. We take a tip given by a genuine, fellow traveler and then reduce it down to buying a travel guide. A guide which was probably written by a freelance writer who has never even set foot in the country they have visited. The small travel guides you can buy in shops and convenience stores provide little insight and no personal touch of what it is like to visit a place, and what you should do while you’re there. That means you may miss out, and not get the most out of your holiday.

The solution, thankfully, is simple. The genuine, person-to-person or on the grapevine advice is the thing to stick to: you want to know what people like yourself thought of the destination, and where they think you should visit. You don’t want some rehashed advertising literature that makes everything sound wonderful – and that’s mainly what travel guides are.

Thankfully, there are sites on the internet that will provide a genuine experience report and recommendation guide for fellow travelers Run a search engine query for your destination and browse through the pages, and some personal testimonials will inevitably come up. The personal touch is always preferable to some generic content, so give travel guides a miss and get your tips and advice from those who have actually been there and done it.