Photographers Must Assemble

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I’m in England!

After spending nearly three months in New York State taking photos of campers having the time of their lives, it seems impossible that I’m now sitting on my bed in the reclusive town of which I grew up in.

It barely seems like two minutes ago when the idea of flying out to America for an extended period of time entered my brain.Minions board

It was one of the toughest processes of my working days, but believe me when I say it is filed as one of the best.

Not only did I learn how to be an efficient photographer and editor, but I learnt how to be part of a hard working unit.

And we created some special things.


We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we passed through those camp gates, my Media Minions and I. But after 9 weeks of Oreos, sweat and Render Rage, we made it.

And now that we’re apart, I will crack open my heavily written-in journal to share my experiences of the Media Team at Camp Echo.

Because in my eyes, camp should be explained as a lot more than `it was an amazing experience!`





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