Giant Thunderstorms in Athens

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This is totally something you don’t hear about every day… a thunderstorm in the usually beautiful climes of Greece! RainMid

I was browsing the `world` section on the Beeb and my breath was instantly taken aback. It was like watching footage from an alter universe… or from a country far more flung than Greece, at least.

A river bank had broken under the pressure of being on the receiving end of hours of rainfall. Power cables were damaged and swinging around in the roads. Sunflower coloured taxis joined queues of congested traffic, which were all up to their ankles in flood water. Palm trees laid flat on the side of the beach… not to mention the gorgeous roads and the city’s central subway being cordoned off.

And when on earth did this even happen?!

The people of Athens are saying it’s the worst thunderstorm they’ve seen in over HALF A CENTURY.

Statements like this always worry me; simply because if they haven’t had a storm so bad in so long, chances are they were not expecting it. If a region is not expecting extreme weather conditions, no preparations will be in place.

When I last checked, approx. ten minutes ago, it was said that sixty fire crews are out making amends with the flood.

There has already been one report of a death, a young woman in her 20s… so let’s hope they tame this tiger soon!

My heart goes out to you, dear Athens.

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