Pretty Arctic Climes

February 24, 2013 by  
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Snow Joke

This year, Cleveland has seen enough snowy days to compensate for three English winters. 

Snow Joke.

Where on earth has it all blown in from? 

Lapland? Alaska? The vast expanses of Russia? Lord only knows.

Okay, okay. Gee… `Up North` is supposed to be a totally different world for us cotton wall balled Southerners… but this snow is beyond any rational thought process running through my mind. It freezes my cheeks off every time I leave the flat… and it makes my hair look like I’ve fallen asleep in a bush.

But hey, ho… I’m going to take advantage of the Arctic climes that Middlesbrough so lovingly graces us with every few weeks.

I’m going to forget about delayed buses (I don’t use them anyway), traffic, Primark pumps that look and feel like they’ve been left in a rusty garden for like… ever.

There are good sides to having outrageous weather, too. Like orange hot chocolates. And not having to leave the house unless you have to earn money or assessment grades. And taking pretty pictures in parks.







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