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It’s been little over two weeks since ‘Super Storm’ Sandy hit the Big Apple.

During her two-day war path she managed to kill over thirty New Yorkers and reap billions of dollars’ worth of damage, halting the never-sleeping city to a standstill.  Despite this, our friends over in the United States of America have already been working hard to pick it all back up again.

`Hope for New York` and other national organizations have paired up with local churches in order to bag active volunteers and to pray for the people who are suffering the aftermath. are building contacts with catholic churches of the city in order to provide cleaning supplies, toiletries and food supplies.

Good ole-fashioned fundraising is not the only source working to shake the streets of New York City back into life.

As US Weekly outlined earlier this week, celebrities are getting their hands dirty to raise pennies for the City of Sparkling Lights, too. International sensation Madonna took off her clothes while fans threw notes on the stage at Madison Square Garden recently. Lady Gaga closely followed suit… donating a wealthy $1,000 to her home city.

All-American stores such as Nine West wiped their diaries clean in order to have a day of `sending hearts out to their neighbours`, where they donated 10% of all profits to the relief fund.

All aboard for community spirit!

I’m wishing New York and it’s sisters and brothers a smooth recovery- as well as giving a massive, courteous English Thank You to the media teams who continued to cover through no power and a temporary office. (Mr Dworetzky, you’re doing us proud!)

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