The Cloisters at The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Experience Medieval Europe and the Middle Ages

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Fort Tryon- a fortress to fifth-fifteenth century art, stone and shrubbery

If you love old age princesses, knights and serenading scenery- a visit to The Cloisters of Fort Tryon Park is a great start to hours of pacing the back street spots of New York City. The sweetly coupled museum and gardens- which belongs to the well renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art- offers more regal architecture and roasted pear chutney than you can charge a jouster at. Whether you want to relive the era of the cavalry inside the hand built walls or unearth bunches of fresh violet from the gothic funnels and archways of the gardens, The Cloisters has everything you can expect from a big city institution. It’s authentic, ultra unique and fills you with time travel wonder before you get a chance to exchange your bucks for a wristband.

With Fort Tryon Park down south, the glistening sky liners of Broadway to the right and the rustic fortress of The Cloisters thrown in the middle- the culture shock of this part of New York City is quite literally… stunning.

Admission to The Cloisters includes extra special exhibitions and entry to the Metropolitan Museum of Art- so if you have the time to explore the rest of the grounds, keep a slot open for the `Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden`, which sees a new artistic feature every spring, and views of Central Park and the City’s famous skyline through all seasons.

Authenticity is when every stone has been sent from the elegant ends of Europe…

Unlike many tourist establishments in New York City and other American cities alike, The Cloisters is packed with authenticity; and little to none of it has been tampered with. Not only was the architecture made to look like a religious utopia, but many of the stones used within the main regions actually derive from five medieval monasteries and one Romanesque chapel- making the atmosphere inside the depths nothing short of spellbinding. Hogwarts- bow down to this beauty.

Let your mind wander outside of its comfort zone…

or feel right at home with one of the several foreign language tours in Francais, Italiano or Español.

European architecture? Check. European horticulture? Check. European cuisine? Double check. European translation? You bet.

The museum offers foreign language tours in French, Italian and Spanish- so whether you want to swoon over a new language of love or whether you’d prefer to listen to your native tongue, they’ve got everything you’re looking for.

It’ll be the seductive tones of the Spanish for me.

Middle Earthly Exhibitions…

Tapestry weaving demonstrations, live music concerts- lengthy talks about beautiful flowers that no one ever knew existed this day and age? The Cloisters is always buzzing with opportunities to educate and invigorate. Be sure to check up on the official website/ social networking sites for updates on the museum’s events throughout the year.

Disembark your steed, untie your suede upholstery…

and leave a little extra breathing room for a beautiful banquet at the Trie Café

Roasted pears, cranberry mustard and sesame brioche, finished with a classic chocolatine and a strong shot of espresso- the Trie café works hard to compliment the museum’s European theme (Remercie les cieux!) Perch on one of the delicate cast iron stools. Breathe in the still Manhattan air from the open air archways running along the side of the Trie Cloister. Close your eyes. Imagine that you’re in France a few centuries ago. Séduisant, isn’t it?

Keep Up To Date…

Days have passed and you’re still pining. Fear not! There are many ways that you can get your fix no matter where you are in the city (or the world). The `Medieval Garden Enclosed` blog, which can be found on the main museum’s webpage, is a fountain of historical facts, trending highlights and news about upcoming events- so that you can read up on your best loved pieces or catch anything you missed during your visit.

If you’re short on time, sign into for some fast paced news or `like` The Cloisters official Facebook page at www.facebook.comthe-cloisters to read up on leisurely reviews or to stalk lots of professional photography.

Don’t forget to…

blow away the cobwebs of the Bonnefont Herb Garden and discover lilies, violet, sage and other mystical flowers significant to the era.


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